Gefallene Mädchen

Author: Lexy V. Golden ISBN: Pages: 392 Description: Dare Lá Roche besucht, seit sie vierzehn ist, die Akademie Sankt Loryane in Frankreich, auf der nur ausgewählte Mädchen mit besonderem Blut aufgenommen werden, um nach der Vollendung des einundzwanzigsten Lebensjahres ihrem Vampir übergeben zu werden. Während die anderen Mädchen sich nichts sehnlicher wünschen, als ihrem Vampir En savoir plus surGefallene Mädchen<br>[…]

Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail

Author: Emily Brightwell ISBN: 9780425146910 Pages: 232 Description: Talk about cozy! The most suspenseful parts of the book are in the first and the last chapters, and are at an acceptable level of suspense and violence. But beyond all that, there’s just so much sweet friendship, rivalry, and fun in these books. I particularly liked En savoir plus surMrs. Jeffries on the Trail<br>[…]

Revenge of the Dragon (The Midnight Sun Trilogy, #1)

Author: Rania Badawy ISBN: Pages: 292 Description: Those foul bastard twins… Forever seeking the lust to dominate, Won’t give up till they have taken every last drop of blood, A promise of peace. A promise of revenge. However, where a king is made, can also be unmade. When the lost stone body of Yarru yan En savoir plus surRevenge of the Dragon (The Midnight Sun Trilogy, #1)<br>[…]

The average temperature has been lower

Desde el siglo XVI el pueblo dio tres obispos, un prior de San Marcos, un regidor en Perú y un gobernador de Filipinas —entre otras personalidades—, y se convirtió en centro cultural de la montaña gracias a su Cátedra de latín, fundada en 1740. Gracias aun mecanismo de pinza con muelles, la armónica queda perfectamente En savoir plus surThe average temperature has been lower[…]


Author: Denise Marie Mari ISBN: Pages: 12 Description: Today, we find many adults and children who cannot really say “in God we trust.” Rather than taking responsibility for their own faults and weaknesses, the blame for all types of individual and family misfortunes has been placed unfairly upon the shoulders of God. Given this climate En savoir plus surDOCTOR MARI TEACHES ABOUT HEALTHY CONCEPTS OF GOD (Psychological Wholeness Series, #3)<br>[…]

Endelig sikker

Author: Maya Banks ISBN: Pages: 304 Description: Spændingsfyldt kærlighedshistorie fuld af drama, begær og store følelser fra bestsellerforfatter Maya Banks. Man siger, at ung kærlighed ikke varer ved, men Zack og Gracie var fast besluttede på at trodse alle odds. For Zack Covington var Gracie den eneste ene. På en enkelt nat blev deres fremtid En savoir plus surEndelig sikker<br>[…]