Title: The Soul Catcher

Author: Alex Kava ISBN: 9781551669281 Pages: 400 Description: Number three in the series and I am still not getting it. Maggie is supposed to be an intelligent, experienced, well trained professional. So please can she stop doing silly things, drinking too much and waffling endlessly about her past. Move on!!! I actually found this book En savoir plus surTitle: The Soul Catcher<br>[…]

Mission Child

Author: Maureen F. McHugh ISBN: 9780380791224 Pages: 370 Description: Mission Child is an expansion of Maureen McHugh’s « The Cost to Be Wise, » a fascinating novella from the original anthology Starlight 1. Janna’s world was colonized long ago by Earth and then left on its own for centuries. When « offworlders » return, their superior technology upsets the En savoir plus surMission Child<br>[…]

Daily in His Presence: A Classic Devotional from One of the Most Powerful Voices of the Nineteenth Century

Author: Andrew Murray ISBN: 9781601424037 Pages: 400 Description: Revive Your Spirit Does the abundant Christian life you’re “supposed” to have feel more like a chore than reality? Impoverished andstale, is your spirit crying out for recharging? One of the most powerful voices of the past two hundred years, Andrew Murray wrote extensively about this age-old En savoir plus surDaily in His Presence: A Classic Devotional from One of the Most Powerful Voices of the Nineteenth Century<br>[…]

Shotgun Saturday Night

Author: Bill Crider ISBN: 9780802756848 Pages: 185 Description: « Shotgun Saturday Night » is the second Dan Rhodes mystery by Bill Crider following « Too Late To Die ». The Book was published in 1987 and gives the reader the next installment of the events in the small town in Blacklin County, Texas. Sheriff Dan Rhodes has hired a En savoir plus surShotgun Saturday Night<br>[…]

Projection du film « Il était une forêt »

Ce mardi, nous avons regardé un film de Luc Jacquet, « Il était une forêt ». C’est un film génial qui parle extrêmement bien de la nature, des animaux et de comment fonctionne la forêt. Il explique la communication entre les arbres, l’adaptation des plantes pour lutter contre les prédateurs, la reforestation naturelle… Le film est composé En savoir plus surProjection du film « Il était une forêt »[…]